The sde operating system account on Linux or UNIX

To install ArcSDE, you must create an ArcSDE administrator account on your Linux or UNIX server. The ArcSDE administrator account must be named sde. The ArcSDE administrator must own all ArcSDE system files and directories.

Keep the password in strict confidence to maintain system security. Only those users who must administer the ArcSDE system should have access to the ArcSDE administrator login.

The sde user will also administer the geodatabase in DB2.

To create the ArcSDE administrator login, use the system administration procedures outlined by the host operating system. The following is a sample UNIX configuration for the ArcSDE administrator account named sde.

Login name: sde

User Id: <Any unused user id>

Group Id: <Any group id>

Home Directory: <home directory for user sde>

Default Shell: /bin/sh or /bin/csh or /bin/ksh


This ArcSDE administrator account does not have to be a system administrator account.

To clean out unneeded ArcSDE processes from the PROCESS_INFORMATION system table, the sde user must have authority to use the DB2 Snapshot API. This requires the sde user be added to an operating system group, and that group must be granted SYSMON authority.

For example, if you define a group called sysmon, which contains the sde user, you can set the value of the SYSMON_GROUP instance parameter to the value sysmon using the following commands:




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