Setting variables for the sde OS user on Linux or UNIX

Add environment variables to the operating system sde user's .login or .profile file to allow all ArcSDE administration and utility software programs to be located without specifying absolute paths. Application programs will also be able to find the necessary program files located within the ArcSDE installation directory.

There are several environment variables to set. For the Bourne shell, add variable definitions to the .profile file. Syntax is as follows:

<VARIABLE>=<variable_value>; export <VARIABLE>

For the C shell, add variable definitions to the .cshrc file (or the SDEHOME/etc/dbinit.sde file). Syntax is as follows:

setenv <VARIABLE> <variable_value>

When an ArcSDE service is started, the giomgr process reads the variable settings in the $SDEHOME/etc/dbinit.sde file. These variable settings override the variables set by .cshrc or .profile files.


If you are using C shell, you can also source the db2cshrc to set up a default database environment for C shell users. The db2cshrc can be found in the $DB2HOME/sqllib directory.

  1. Set the following variables for the sde user's shell, using the syntax appropriate for the shell:

    SDEHOME <location of ArcSDE installation>

    LD_LIBRARY_PATH  $SDEHOME/lib:/usr/lib:/lib:

    All platforms except IBM


    For IBM only:

    LIBPATH $SDEHOME/lib:/usr/lib:/lib: