Publishing an address locator

Once an address locator is created, the locator can be shared or published for others to use for geocoding.

Publishing your address locators

Address locators and composite locators can be published as geocode services using ArcGIS Server. An address locator is a GIS resource, which can be published in one of the following ways:


Publishing an address locator as a geocode service requires an ArcGIS Server license.

Accessing the geocode services

Once an address locator is published as a geocode service, it can be accessed by connecting to ArcGIS server. The geocode services available in the connected GIS Server can then be used for geocoding in ArcMap or ArcCatalog.

A geocode service can also be specified as a Find Address task in a Web application. Creating a new Web application in Manager discusses how to create a Web application in ArcGIS Server.

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