World Census IPC Demographics (table)

Title: World Census IPC Demographics (table)

Abstract: Census IPC Demographics (table) represents a vast amount of recent demographic information for the countries recognized by the U.S. State Department.

Data location: ESRI Data and Maps \world\cntry_ipc.sdc

Attributes: FIPS_CNTRY, CNTRY_NAME, POP2007, POP2015, POP2025, POPC_0725, PPOPC_0725, CBR2007, CDR2007, NMR2007, RNI2007, GR2007, IMR2007, IMRM2007, IMRF2007, LE2007, LEM2007, LEF2007, TRF2007, SRB2007, POP014_07, PPOP_014, POP1564_07, PPOP_1564, POP65P_07, PPOP_65P, HIVADU_PRV, HIVADU_YR, HIVAIDSTOT, HIVAIDS_TR, HIVDTH, HIVDTH_YR

Theme keywords: table, demographics, populations, social indicators, economic indicators, economic key sectors, environmental indicators

Place keywords: World

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