What's new in ESRI Data and Maps in ArcGIS 10

There have been many changes in ESRI Data & Maps 10. This includes both the data content and new delivery methods.

The big news in content is that we have added DeLorme mapping company as our new data source for worldwide datasets including roads, airports, hydrology, cities, and contours. The datasets include most of the key features and attributes from DeLorme's commercial basemap product and retains all the source detail to support high-quality display down to 1:250,000. This release of Data & Maps is the first to include the new DeLorme data, and ESRI looks forward to providing even more in the future.

Many other datasets were updated to the most current versions available. This includes all Tele Atlas Census boundary and landmark layers, as well as all GNIS cultural points. This is the first year the new Data & Maps census and landmark datasets are built from Tele Atlas MultiNet. Existing attribute content has remained, along with the new MultiNet coding attributes.

Even bigger changes can be found in the way ESRI provides data to the user community. For those users that choose to simply download the new ArcGIS Desktop 10 software, the new Data & Maps will be available as a separate download. The Data & Maps DVD continues to be included in the Desktop software box and is updated regularly.

A wide range of individual data layers for easy download from ArcGIS.com are also offered. ESRI has published many of the most popular data layers as layer packages that you can download and display in ArcGIS Desktop applications. This allows you to access the latest versions of these data layers as they are updated and get just the layers you need. Visit the ESRI Data & Maps group at ArcGIS.com for a full list of available layers.

New datasets in Data & Maps


  • Airports
  • Contours
  • Linear Water
  • Water Bodies
  • Populated Places
  • Railroads
  • Roads
  • Urban Areas

Updated datasets in Data & Maps


  • Cities

United States

  • Telephone Area Code Boundaries
  • Census Block Groups
  • Census Block Centroid Populations
  • Core-Based Statistical Areas
  • Counties
  • Counties (generalized)
  • County Boundaries
  • States
  • States (generalized)
  • State Boundaries
  • Populated Place Areas
  • Census Tracts
  • ZIP Code Areas (three-digit)
  • ZIP Code Areas (five-digit)
  • ZIP Code Points
  • Institutions
  • Large Area Landmarks
  • Parks
  • Recreation Areas
  • Geographic Names Information System—Buildings
  • Geographic Names Information System—Cemeteries
  • Geographic Names Information System—Churches
  • Geographic Names Information System—Golf Locales
  • Geographic Names Information System—Hospitals
  • Geographic Names Information System—Locales
  • Geographic Names Information System—Populated Places
  • Geographic Names Information System—Schools
  • Geographic Names Information System—Summits
  • Airports
  • Major Roads
  • Transportation Terminals
  • USGS 1:24,000 Topographic Quad Sheet Index


  • NUTS Level 0
  • NUTS Level 1
  • NUTS Level 2
  • NUTS Level 3

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