An overview of the Domains toolset

Domains offer a way to define a range of values that can be used for multiple attribute fields. Using domains helps ensure data integrity by limiting the choice of values for a particular field. Validation for coded value domains is accomplished by restricting field values found in drop-down lists. Range domains are automatically validated during editing.



Add Coded Value To Domain

Adds a value to a domain's coded value list.

Assign Domain To Field

Sets the domain for a particular field and, optionally, for a subtype. If no subtype is specified, the domain is only assigned to the specified field.

Create Domain

Creates an attribute domain in the specified workspace.

Delete Coded Value From Domain

Removes a value from a coded value domain.

Delete Domain

Deletes a domain from a workspace.

Domain To Table

Creates a table from an attribute domain.

Remove Domain From Field

Removes an attribute domain association from a feature class or table field.

Set Value For Range Domain

Sets the minimum and maximum values for an existing Range domain.

Table To Domain

Creates or updates a coded value domain with values from a table.

This table summarizes tools in the Domains toolset.

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