Migrate Storage (Data Management)


This tool is designed to change the data types used to store rasters in an ArcSDE geodatabase in Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server; geometries in geodatabases in Oracle and SQL Server; and BLOB objects in attribute columns in geodatabases in Oracle. This is done through the migration of raster, spatial, or BLOB objects using configuration keywords specified in the DBTUNE table.


After migrating the data type, you must disconnect from and reconnect to the geodatabase to reload the column names. If you do not, subsequent actions executed on the newly migrated datasets may fail.



MigrateStorage_management (in_datasets, config_keyword)
ParameterExplanationData Type

Datasets to be migrated

Table View; Raster Layer; Feature Dataset

DBTUNE configuration keyword containing the appropriate parameter values for the migration.


Code Sample

MigrateStorage example (stand-alone script)

The following stand-alone script demonstrates how to use the Migrate Storage tool to migrate the input dataset to the ST_Geometry geometry storage type.

# Name: MigrateStorage_Example.py
# Description: Migrates the input dataset to the ST_Geometry geometry stoage type 
# Author: ESRI

# Import arcpy module
import arcpy

# Local variables:
inputDataset = "Database Connections\\Oracle on barbara.sde\\MAP.SBMigrate"

# Process: Migrate Storage
arcpy.MigrateStorage_management( inputDataset, "ST_GEOMETRY")


This tool does not use any geoprocessing environments

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