An overview of the Database toolset

The Dataset toolset contains tools for a variety of geodatabase management tasks. Specific database data management tools as well as geodatabase upgrade, management, and maintenance are covered by the tools in this toolset.



Change Privileges

Establishes or changes user access privileges to the input ArcSDE datasets, stand-alone feature classes, or tables.

Clear Workspace Cache

Clears any ArcSDE workspaces from the ArcSDE workspace cache.


Compacts a personal or file geodatabase. Compacting rearranges how the geodatabase is stored on disk, often reducing its size and improving performance.


Compresses an ArcSDE geodatabase by removing states not referenced by a version and redundant rows.

Migrate Storage

This tool is designed to change the data types used to store rasters in an ArcSDE geodatabase in Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server; geometries in geodatabases in Oracle and SQL Server; and BLOB objects in attribute columns in geodatabases in Oracle. This is done through the migration of raster, spatial, or BLOB objects using configuration keywords specified in the DBTUNE table.

Register With Geodatabase

Registers feature classes, tables, and raster layers that were created outside of the geodatabase with the geodatabase in order for them to fully participate in geodatabase functionality.

Upgrade Spatial Reference

Upgrades a low precision dataset's spatial reference to high precision.

Upgrade Geodatabase

Upgrades a geodatabase to the latest release to take advantage of new functionality available in the latest release of ArcGIS. Valid input is a personal or file geodatabase or an sde connection file or connection information for an ArcSDE geodatabase.

Tools in the Database toolset.

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