Customer Prospecting


Customer prospecting allows you to locate regions with ideal demographic characteristics for targeting new customers.

Input Prerequisites

Customer data is typically required to adequately locate geographies matching the demographics that represent your customers. You can manually enter these variables and ranges if you know what demographics represent your customers.

To use the Customer Prospecting wizard, you must know what type of customers to look for. You may be unsure of the profile of your best customers. You can use customer profiling to find the demographic profile of a set of customers. Customer profiling works this way: every area—ZIP Codes, block groups, and tracts—has demographic data associated with it. The example below shows each block group with an average household income.

Example Output

In this example, four customers living in different block groups are being profiled. Each customer is tagged with the value of the block group they fall within. The values for each customer are totaled and divided by the number of customers.

You can locate these ideal geographies in two ways:

Now that you know the profile of your customers, you can use these values in customer prospecting to look for other areas with the same type of customers.

Some examples of customer profiling include the following:

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