Evaluating an ArcGIS Desktop extension

At any time, you can evaluate ArcGIS Desktop extensions that you have not purchased. The evaluation is free of charge for a fixed period of time.

You can evaluate the following ArcGIS Desktop extensions:

With the ArcGIS Desktop Single Use products, you can enable extensions for evaluation through the authorization process.

To evaluate extensions for the ArcGIS Desktop Concurrent Use products, you must order evaluation authorization numbers.

For more information about adding additional extensions after initial installation, see Installing additional ArcGIS components.

To order an authorization number, see Evaluating ArcGIS Extensions.

The following are additional ArcGIS Desktop extensions you can purchase:

  1. Close any ArcGIS applications that you have open.
  2. Click the Start menu, point to Programs or All Programs, point to ArcGIS9.4, and click Desktop Administrator.
  3. In the table of contents, choose Register ArcView (or ArcEditor) and Extensions.
  4. Click Register Now.
  5. Choose the appropriate registration option.
    • If you are registering ArcView or ArcEditor for the first time, choose the first registration option, I have installed ArcView (or ArcEditor) and need to register the software.
    • If you have previously registered ArcView or ArcEditor and need to register additional ArcGIS extensions or want to evaluate ArcGIS extensions, choose the second registration option, I have already registered ArcView (or ArcEditor) and need to register additional ArcGIS extensions.
    • If you have already registered and received an authorization file from ESRI, choose the third option, I have received an authorization file from ESRI and am now ready to finish the registration process.

    You must use English characters to enter the information requested in the registration wizard.