ArcIMS Java Connector API Specification

com.esri.aims.mtier Contains the ConnectionProxy class and associated exceptions.
com.esri.aims.mtier.model.acetate Contains ArcIMS acetate objects used for rendering acetate symbology on a map.
com.esri.aims.mtier.model.admin Supports classes that implements an ArcIMS/ArcSDE service and administers ArcSDE connections.

Provides classes that are used against ArcMap Services.

com.esri.aims.mtier.model.envelope Defines an Envelope object that is used for setting extents of the map, setting spatial queries in a FeatureLayer's Filter object, and displaying individual extents of recordset results. Contains the Map, Legend and Layers objects that define the components of an ArcIMS service. Supports classes that contain locale information for ArcIMS services. Contains classes that represents different ArcIMS layers types such as, an AcetateLayer, a FeatureLayer, and an ImageLayer. Provides classes that are used to accomplish geocoding tasks. Supports classes that are used to perform queries, and also contains field information, field values, and geometry values. Provides classes that are used to obtain raster information from an ArcIMS image service containing a raster image data source. Contains renderer objects for each ArcIMS ArcXML renderer. Supports classes respresenting all ArcIMS specific symbols. Supports individual output objects that specify and contain parameters that describe a response from an ArcIMS service. Contains CoordSys, FeatureCoordSys, FilterCoordSys, and Densify objects that are used for reprojecting the views of an ArcIMS service.
com.esri.aims.mtier.model.metadata Contains classes that defines metadata and implements a metadata document and its collection.
com.esri.aims.mtier.model.metadata.publish Provides classes that are used to publish data to a Metadata Server.
com.esri.aims.mtier.model.metadata.query Supports classes that are used to query a metadata server.
com.esri.aims.mtier.model.service Contains classes that define an ArcIMS Service and its collection.
com.esri.aims.mtier.model.util Contains utility classes for performing tasks associated with the ArcIMS Java Connector.
com.esri.aims.mtier.model.wmsmap Contains classes associated with the WMS capabilities of the ArcIMS Java Connector
com.esri.aims.mtier.model.workspace Contains workspace objects representing the different ArcIMS workspaces available.