The Map Navigator

The Map Navigator is a combination of four frequently used tools:

The Map Navigator is visible by default, but it can be hidden from view via the Quick Access menu.

Map Navigator on the Quick Access drop down

When visible, the Map Navigator is displayed in a blue color with no tool highlighted. The Map Navigator tools operate as use once only tools. When the equivalent tool is selected from the main toolbar, it is not selected in the Map Navigator. The Map Navigator does not interfere with, or reflect the current pen mode; instead, the tool that you select is available once, returning to the pen mode that you were using once it is used.

For example, when pan is selected on the Map Navigator, the current tool is temporarily deselected and the Map Navigator tool is selected in the Map Navigator toolbar, shown by a colored icon. If the similar tool is visible in the main toolbar, it is shown as temporarily selected by using a blue background color as a differentiator (instead of the normal orange background when a tool is normally selected).

After you use the tool once on the map view, all the toolbars return to their previous state. Clicking on another main toolbar tool while you have a temporary Map Navigator tool selected will cancel the temporary tool and select the new tool as per normal toolbar operations.

You can customize which tools are shown on the Map Navigator by manually editing the ArcPad.apx file. For a tutorial, see Customizing the Map Navigator for use in an ArcPad App.