ArcPad StreetMap basics

StreetMap enables you to perform geocoding, mapping, and the calculation of routes with driving directions.

This section will guide you through the basics of the StreetMap interface, as well as show you how to find a location; create and edit stops, barriers, and pushpins; calculate a route; navigate your route with the driving directions; clear a route; and set StreetMap preferences.

To begin using StreetMap, you will need to add a StreetMap data layer to your map. A StreetMap layer is read-only and contains information about all feature classes within that layer. StreetMap layers have a file name extension of navmap.

ArcPad StreetMap is an extension that is distributed with ArcPad. When ArcPad is installed on a Window device, StreetMap is installed by default. StreetMap is not installed by default on Windows Mobile devices. Use the ArcPad Deployment Manager to install StreetMap on Windows Mobile.