Using the ArcPad Deployment Manager to install to Windows Mobile


It is highly recommended that you uninstall any previous version of ArcPad or its associated files (including sample data) before installing the latest version. Removal of ArcPad from your mobile device can be performed using the Add/Remove Programs option from the Tools menu in Microsoft ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center while your mobile device is connected to your desktop system. Alternately, you can use the Remove Programs option from the Settings menu on your mobile device.

The ArcPad Deployment Manager is a standalone desktop application that allows you to deploy a number of ArcPad related applications and files to your windows mobile device. The ArcPad Deployment Manager is automatically launched at the end of the desktop install of ArcPad, or can be opened at any time from the start menu at

All Program > ArcGIS > ArcPad 10 > ArcPad Deployment Manager

The ArcPad Deployment Manager contains a 'tree' to install components to your (already synced) mobile device. Windows Mobile items available to download are listed in the ArcPad Deployment Manager. These include:

To install, connect your mobile device to your desktop PC using Microsoft ActiveSync (for Windows XP) or Windows Mobile Device Centre (Vista or Windows 7), and on the PC choose the ArcPad Deployment Manager from the ArcPad 10 program group.

Although you are able to select more than one component to install to your mobile device at once, the language packs do require ArcPad to be installed first. When you select more than one component, ArcPad does commence installation first, however, as it is significantly larger than the other components, on some mobile devices, the installation can be quite slow, and can be incomplete when secondary components start to install. It is recommended that ArcPad is installed to mobile devices completely, before attempting to install language packs.

For Windows Mobile 5 devices (and some Windows Mobile 6), you will need to deploy SQLCE to your device using the ArcPad Deployment Manager. Most Windows Mobile 6 (and higher) devices have SQLCE built in, manual installation is not required.

VBScript Runtime should already be available on most modern Windows Mobile devices and should not need to be installed manually. If you find that it is missing from your device is included in the ArcPad Deployment Manager.