Selecting a navigation destination using the Advanced Select tool

The Advanced Select tool can be used to select multiple features. Only layers that have been activated for the Identify tool will be selected. Layers are activated for the Identify tool in the Layers page of the Table of Contents dialog box. The selected features are displayed in a list. The Go To button in the Advanced Select dialog box can be used to select the coordinate or feature as the navigation destination.

  1. Tap the drop-down arrow below the Identify button to display the drop-down list.


  2. Tap Advanced Select.
  3. The Advanced Select button is displayed on the Browse toolbar and is depressed to indicate that the tool is active.
  4. Tap the map to select a feature or tap and drag a selection box to select multiple features from the active layers.

    A list is displayed showing the coordinates and the selected features where the map was tapped. The + icon can be tapped to display the attributes of the selected feature


  5. Tap the feature that you want to navigate to.
  6. Tap the Go To button to make the selected feature your destination.
  7. The destination is displayed and labeled with the same feature attribute shown in the Advanced Select list.


  8. Use the GPS Position Window to view the distance (DST) and bearing (BRG) from your current GPS position to your selected destination.


    Selecting the coordinates for the navigation destination: The coordinates displayed at the top of the Advanced Select list can also be selected for the navigation destination. Tap the Coordinates label, then tap the Go To button.


    Refer to topic Using the Advanced Select tool in section, ‘Querying your data’, for more help on using the Advanced Select tool.