Inserting a vertex

You can easily add (insert) vertices to, or delete vertices from, a selected line or polygon feature using the Insert Vertex and Delete Vertex commands. By adding or deleting vertices, you can reshape a feature when changes in your geographic data are necessary.

  1. Select a line or polygon layer for editing using the Start/Stop Editing drop-down list or via the Table of Contents.
    Insert Vertices tool
  2. Tap the Select tool.
  3. Select the line—or polygon— feature.
  4. Tap the drop-down arrow next to the Feature Properties button to display the drop-down list.
  5. Tap Insert Vertices.

    The vertices will be displayed using a gray square.

  6. Tap on the map at the exact location where you want the vertex, or vertices, inserted.
    Vertices highlighted on the map

    Vertices are added to the line—or polygon—and the feature is reshaped.


    Adding vertices with a GPS: If you wish to add a new vertex to your feature using the GPS, you must still first tap on the feature between the two desired vertices to create the new vertex. Then, using the Select and Vertex Editing tool, tap and hold on this new vertex, and choose from the menu to Move to GPS.

  7. Tap the Commit Geometry Changes button on the Command bar when you are finished adding vertices.

    The new vertices are added to your line—or polygon—feature.

    Feature with added vertices
  8. To exit the insert vertices mode, tap any other tool to activate it and deactivate the Insert Vertices tool.


    Inserting vertices using the snapping environment: You can turn snapping on in the Table of Contents so that new vertices are inserted at the edge, end, or vertex of an existing feature.


    Undoing or canceling your edits: Use the Undo tool to go back a step to the previously captured vertex or use the Cancel Edits tool to erase all edits. These tools are only enabled prior to tapping the Proceed button. Once you tap the Proceed button and tap Ok on the Feature Properties dialog box, your edits cannot be undone.