Using the Move To command to move a vertex to a specific x,y coordinate or GPS position

  1. Tap the Select & Vertex Editing button.
  2. Select the line—or polygon— feature.
  3. Tap and hold within the blue vertex square to display the Move To menu.
  4. Tap Move To.
  5. Type the desired coordinates in the XYZ page of the Point/ Vertex dialog box.
  6. Tap OK.

    Alternatively, tap Move To GPS in step 4 and the vertex will be moved to the current GPS position.


    Moving a vertex to the current GPS position: You can also tap the GPS button, on either the Move To dialog box or the Vertex dialog box, to move the vertex to the current GPS position. (You can open the Vertex dialog box by tapping a coordinate in the Geography page of the Feature Properties dialog box.) These GPS buttons are only enabled if a GPS receiver is connected and activated.

  7. Tap the Commit Geometry Changes button on the Command bar.

    The vertex is moved to the specified coordinates, and the feature is reshaped.


    Refer to the topic Connecting your GPS receiver for more information on connecting your GPS receiver.