An overview of the Defense Mapping toolbox

Defense Mapping geoprocessing tools have two general purposes:

Cartographic products adhere to Defense Mapping product specifications. Products must contain predefined symbology and layout (surround) elements. Defense Mapping geoprocessing tools allow you to create data for these surround elements and manage representation overrides for certain symbols.

Defense Mapping data models also adhere to product specifications through feature coding and metadata. Defense Mapping geoprocessing tools import, export, and transform metadata between data models. Other tools export data with feature codes or calculate default values to make data comply with a product specification.



Cartographic Data

The Cartographic Data toolset contains scripts that allow you to create band features that can then be used to create specific surround elements for Topographic Line Map (TLM) map products and elevation tints for Joint Operations Graphics (JOGs).


The Features toolset contains tools that allow you to work with feature classes and table records to ensure that your data meets a product specification. Once data is imported into feature classes and tables, you can use these tools to update it to meet the specification's requirements.


The MGCP toolset contains several tools that allow you to work with Multinational Geospatial Co-production Program (MGCP) data. It includes tools that allow you to import and export metadata, which includes the Cell, Source, and Subregion feature classes. You can also export all the feature classes to shapefiles so they are still compliant with the MGCP specification.


The Symbology toolset contains tools that allow you to manage the way symbols and representations are positioned in the map.

Topographic Features Data Management (TFDM) Metadata Ingest

The Topographic Features Data Management (TFDM) Metadata Ingest tools allow you to transfer metadata between different Defense Mapping data models.

Defense Topology

Tools in the Defense Topology toolset allow you to export and import geodatabase topologies using XML as an exchange format.

Toolsets in the Defense Mapping toolbox