An overview of the Cartographic Data toolset

The Cartographic Data toolset provides functionality that creates cartographic data for use in defense mapping products.




The Banding toolset contains tools that generate polygon bands for use in cartographic elements in defense mapping products.

Toolsets in the Cartographic Data toolset



Make Defense Grids and Graticules

Simplifies the grids creation workflow for Esri Defense Mapping by creating the grid feature dataset as well as the annotation mask features.

Populate Map Sheet Info

Populates text in defense-specific graphic elements on an ArcMap layout. Text is populated with feature attribute values from a selected area of interest (AOI) feature in the map. The tool searches each graphic element for bracketed ([]) text. It compares bracketed text to values in a list. Any matching values are replaced in the graphic element with an attribute value from the selected AOI feature.

Tools in the Cartographic Data toolset

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