000107 : Deleted feature <value> because of empty geometry


The feature has no geometry, which although not invalid, may not be desirable, so it was deleted.


This is an informative message about what action was taken by the Repair Geometry tool. No further action is required. To avoid deleting features with empty geometry, the following workflow can be used:

  1. Run CheckGeometry to generate a list of problems (let's say the output table is named checkgeom_result).
  2. Use MakeFeatureLayer to create a layer.
  3. Use AddJoin to join the table created in step 1 to the layer created in step 2. Note: The first join field will be the OID field from the layer, the second join field will be FEATURE_ID.
  4. Use SelectLayerByLocation on the layer and set the expression to something like this: checkgeom_result.PROBLEM <> 'null geometry'.
  5. Run RepairGeometry on the layer.