Using Select By Graphics

The Select By Graphics command allows you to select features (from all selectable layers) that intersect a selected graphic element. This can be used with most graphic elements except those containing text or curves.

To use this function, select one or more graphic elements with the Select Elements tool Select Elements. The Select By Graphics command on the Selection menu will then be enabled.

Making a selection using a graphic

Steps for using Select By Graphics

  1. If you do not already have graphics in your map, create them using the Draw toolbar.
  2. Select the graphic(s) to be used for feature selection by clicking each graphic.
  3. Click Selection > Select By Graphics to select features that intersect your graphics. This will select features from the selectable layers using the graphics that you have highlighted.

Alternative method for selecting features using graphics

The Tools toolbar in ArcMap also contains an alternative tool for graphically selecting features Select Features. The Select Features tool works on a single graphic that you interactively digitize as part of the selection process. Also, this tool does not add a graphic to your map display.

Feature selection using the Tools toolbar

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