Adding a new graphic

  1. Click the type of graphic you want to add on the Draw toolbar.
    • Rectangle Rectangle
    • Polygon Polygon
    • Circle Circle
    • Ellipse Ellipse
    • Line Line
    • Curve Curve
    • Freehand Freehand
    • Marker Marker
  2. Move the mouse pointer over the display and click to add the graphic.
  3. Some graphics require more than one click, or a click and drag.

Press SHIFT+6 when creating a graphic to type its coordinates. Press E when creating a line or polygon to enter the coordinates of the last vertex. Press A or R when creating a circle to specify its area or radius. In data view, enter the coordinates in map units; in layout view, use page units. Click a graphics creation tool on the Draw toolbar, click the What's This button on the Standard toolbar, then click the tool again to get a list of the other shortcuts available.
If you find that your labels moved or disappeared when you inserted a graphic into the map, add the Labeling toolbar, click the Label Weight Ranking button, then change the feature weight of the <Default> layer (or the annotation group containing the graphic) to None.
By default, the Select Elements tool becomes active after you complete a graphic. If you want the graphic tools to remain active instead, check the Keep drawing tools active after creating graphic box on the Tools > Options > General tab.

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