About 3D navigation tools

All navigation within a 3D view is done by manipulating the observer and target positions of the camera object. The observer and target positions can be located anywhere within the 3D view, with the camera oriented from the observer to the target.

To avoid confusion when trying to simultaneously update the locations of two 3D points, each interactive navigation tool has a set of rules that limits how the observer and target points can be moved using that tool. For example, the 3D Zoom In/Out tool locks the target position in place and allows the observer to move only along the 3D line between its current location and the target location.

Many of the interactive 3D navigation tools apply different rules to the observer and target locations when different mouse buttons or keyboard shortcuts are used. These shortcuts should be learned as an integral part of navigating in 3D since they can greatly improve the productivity of using ArcGlobe and ArcScene.

For more details on a specific 3D navigation tool, see these topics: