An overview of the Business Analyst Reports toolset

This toolset provides tools to generate reports based on standard demographic or custom data, allowing market ranking and geographic analysis, site location, customer distribution, and standard demographic reports.



Average Drive Time Report

Calculates the average drive time within trade areas.

Batch Reports

Allows you to batch reports and run them at a later time.

Benchmark Report

A comparative report that benchmarks two or more trade areas based on selected volumetric data (typically demographic data).

Business Point Reports

This report shows a listing of businesses or shopping centers in a given area.

Customer Demographic Comparison Report

Compares the demographic profiles of two customer files and reports on the differences.

Customer Geographic Summary Report

Lists standard geographic distributions for your customer layer.

Distance Decay Report

Calculates market penetration for a number of ring or drive-time polygons around your stores.

Export Reports

Exports a report file to the desired format

Locator Report

Generates a report based on the relation of stores to competitors.

Map Layout Report

Creates a snapshot of your map in a layout format and inserts it into a report.

Map Series Report

Generates a series of maps based on one or more features of a trade area.

Market Ranking Report

Generates a report to rank data based on a selected variable.

Quick Reports

Quickly runs reports for single or multiple sites.

Summarize Points Report

Aggregates data from a point layer (such as a customer layer) to a polygon layer (such as a trade area).

Wind Rose Report

Offers a visual representation of the frequency and direction of customer locations.

Tools in the Reports toolset

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