An overview of the Store Setup toolset

This toolset provides tools to set up store data and format it for use in Business Analyst by geocoding address data, creating new store layers, and using existing point data.



Create a Store Layer with Address Data

This creates a new store layer (feature class) based on address information.

Create an Empty Store Layer

Generates a new empty point feature class (store layer). You can define fields to be created in the new empty layer.

Setup Store Using Existing Data

Imports stores that are in a shapefile format (already geocoded) and identifies them as stores for further analysis.

Setup Store Using Tabular Data

Allows you to turn tabular data (.dbf, .txt, or RDBMS format) into store points.

Setup Store Using XY Data

This tool allows you to turn x,y (latitude-longitude) coordinate data into store points.

Store Setup toolset summary

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