An overview of the Parcel Fabric toolbox

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

The Parcel Fabric toolbox contains tools that work with the internal feature classes and tables of a parcel fabric. Using the Parcel Fabric toolbox, you can migrate data to a parcel fabric, upgrade an existing parcel fabric, and create layer and table views on the parcel fabric.

The parcel fabric is defined by a set of internal feature classes and tables. Parcel fabric internal feature classes are used to store and display parcel geometry, for example, parcel polygons and parcel lines. Parcel fabric internal tables store textual information, for example, information from the title or legal record of a parcel. When the parcel fabric is displayed in ArcMap, the internal feature classes are displayed as sublayers under the parcel fabric group layer.

Parcel fabric layer in ArcMap
Parcel fabric layer in ArcMap

The following toolsets are provided with the Parcel Fabric toolbox.



Data Migration

The Data Migration toolset contains one tool for the processing and migration of existing parcel-based feature classes to a parcel fabric. Existing parcel-based feature classes can also be formatted into a fabric source dataset that can be migrated directly to a parcel fabric.

Layers And Table Views

The Layers and Table Views toolset creates and manipulates parcel fabric layers, layer file, and table views.

Parcel Fabric Management

The Parcel Fabric Management toolset contains a tool for upgrading an existing parcel fabric to the latest released version of ArcGIS.

Toolsets in the Parcel Fabric toolbox

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Published 6/7/2010