An overview of the Data Migration toolset

The Data Migration toolset contains one tool for the processing and migration of existing parcel-based feature classes to a parcel fabric. Existing parcel-based feature classes can also be formatted into a fabric source dataset that can be migrated directly to a parcel fabric.



Load A Topology To A Parcel Fabric

Loads polygon and line features that participate in a topology into a target parcel fabric. The topology requires a predefined set of topology rules:

  • Line—Must be Covered by Boundary Of (polygon)
  • Line—Must Not Self-Overlap
  • Line—Must Not Self-Intersect
  • Line—Must be Single Part
  • Line—Must Not Intersect Or Touch Interior
  • Polygon—Boundary Must be Covered By (Line)

Tools in the Data Migration toolset

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Published 6/7/2010