About migrating data to the parcel fabric

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

The parcel fabric relies on topological correctness when representing and storing parcel data. Existing parcel datasets being migrated into the parcel fabric need to reflect a similar level of topological correctness.

You can migrate data to the parcel fabric using geodatabase topology on a set of polygons and lines in ArcMap or using the Import Fabric Data wizard, which imports a formatted dataset of points, lines, and polygons.

Migrating parcel data using geodatabase topology

A geodatabase topology containing a feature class of polygons; lines; and, optionally, points can be migrated to a parcel fabric using the Load A Topology To A Parcel Fabric geoprocessing tool. When using this method, a geometry-based topology with a set of required rules is validated against a subset of selected data or an entire dataset. If there are no errors, the data can then be migrated directly into a parcel fabric. A predefined set of topology rules on a specific set of participating feature classes is required.

Migrating parcel data using the Import Fabric Data wizard

Existing parcel data is formatted into a fabric source and imported using the Import Fabric Data wizard. A fabric source consists of a feature dataset of points, lines, and polygons where topological correctness is defined via arc-node topology attributes, for example, from-node and to-node, left polygon and right polygon.

Parcel fabric source

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