Creating a new parcel fabric

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

A parcel fabric is created through a wizard in the Catalog window and appears as a new node under a feature dataset. When creating a parcel fabric on an enterprise geodatabase, you have the option to set a configuration keyword, which specifies storage and location parameters for optimal space and disk location efficiency.

The parcel fabric inherits the coordinate system of the feature dataset in which it is created.

Once a parcel fabric has been created, you can view its properties, add new attributes to its feature classes and tables, and associate other feature classes. Associating a feature class to a parcel fabric maintains alignment of the feature class with parcel boundaries that have been adjusted. Parcel corner point coordinates can change during parcel joining or can be updated in a fabric adjustment. A change in parcel corner point coordinates can result in a misalignment between parcel boundaries and other feature class layers. The feature adjustment tool in the parcel fabric adjusts associated feature classes so that they maintain alignment with any adjusted parcel boundaries.

When a parcel fabric is created, it is empty. A parcel fabric can be built by entering new parcel data, appending XML files containing groups of existing parcels (digital submissions), or migrating existing coordinate geometry (COGO) coverages or parcel-based feature classes into the parcel fabric.

  1. Right-click a feature dataset in the Catalog tree, point to New, then click Parcel Fabric.

    The New Parcel Fabric wizard appears.

  2. Type the name you want to use for your parcel fabric and click Next.

    The parcel fabric creation summary is displayed.

  3. If you are creating a parcel fabric on an ArcSDE geodatabase, specify whether you want to set configuration keywords.
  4. Click Finish to create the parcel fabric.
  5. The parcel fabric appears as a separate node under the feature dataset. To view the properties of a parcel fabric in the Catalog window, right-click the parcel fabric in the Catalog tree and click Properties.

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