Adding report page numbers or dates

Add page numbers or dates to your report to make your report easier to interpret. Page numbers give context to the entire report in terms of how much content there is; dates allow the target audience to understand what point in time the report references.

  1. Open a report in the Report Designer.
  2. Under Design Elements, click ReportInfo.
  3. Click and drag the ReportInfo element into the section where you want the page number or date displayed.
  4. Under Element Properties, change the FormatString property.
  5. Choose from the list of available page formats and dates.
  6. Click the ellipses (…) button on the Font property to display the Font dialog box.
  7. On the Font dialog, choose the font, style and size for the page number.

    Dates are commonly placed in the PageFooter, ReportFooter, or ReportHeader sections.

To modify an existing title, click the Label element in the ReportHeader section and modify the element properties as desired.
You can accent report elements with background colors.

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