Shading records in the report

Reports can contain a lot of information and an important aspect of designing a report is making it easy to read through. You can enhance the readability of your report by shading records. This helps the reader visually separate data in adjacent records.

  1. Open a report in the Report Designer.
  2. Click the Style Manager button Style Manager on the toolbar.
  3. In the Style Manager dialog box, click Add to create a new style for your report.
  4. Expand the Detail node under Properties.
  5. Change the Back Color and Alternate Back Color properties to alternate the shading of records in the report.
You can create custom styles for your report using the Report Style Manager. Choose an existing Style and click Add on the Style Manager dialog box. This will create a custom style that can be modified to your specific needs. Preset styles cannot be edited in ArcMap.

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