Adding a report title

The Report Wizard creates a default title based on the name of the table or layer that the report is based on. You can replace the default title with a new title on the last page of the Report Wizard.

You can also modify the title in the Report Designer. On the last page of the Report Wizard, you can choose to the modify the report's design. This will open the report in design mode, where you can modify the look of the report.

To add a title to the report, do the following:

  1. Open a report in the Report Designer.
  2. Under Design Elements, click Label.
  3. Click and drag the Label in the ReportHeader section.
  4. Under Element Properties, change the Text property to the new title.
  5. Click the ellipses (…) button on the Font property to display the Font dialog box.
  6. On the Font dialog box, choose the font, style, and size for the report title.

    To add a subtitle, perform the same steps for adding a title. The subtitle is usually placed beneath or to the right of the title.


To modify an existing title, click the Label element in the ReportHeader section and modify the element properties as desired.


You can accent report elements with background colors.


If you enlarge the size of the ReportHeader section to the height of the printable page size, you can use the ReportHeader section as a title page or cover page for your report.

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