Displaying field names in reports

The default design for a report displays fields at the top of each report page. Choosing how fields are displayed is one of the many ways that you can customize the design of your report.

  1. On the fourth page of the Report Wizard, you can choose one of two layout options.


    The Stepped option displays field names only at the top of each report page.


    The Outline option displays field names for every group in the report.


To modify fields' position on the report, use the Report Designer. In the Report Designer, fields are simply text labels and can be moved to any position and any section of the report. Position the text labels vertically to get field names to display in a column.


The field name displayed on the report is the same as its name in the database. However, as field names in a database are often abbreviations or cryptic descriptions of the attribute stored in the field, you can replace a name with an alias—your own descriptive text—to help clarify its meaning.

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