An overview of Model Only toolset

The Model Only toolset contains tools that are only used in ModelBuilder. Some of the tools are used to control the flow of processing while others are simple support utilities.


The tools are intended for use only in ModelBuilder and not in Python scripting.

Model Only Tool


Calculate Value

Calculate Value tool returns a value based on a specified Python expression.

Collect Values

The Collect Values tool is designed to collect output values of an iterator or to convert a list of multivalues into a single input. The output of Collect Values can be used as input to tools like Merge, Append, Mosaic, and Cell Statistics.

Get Field Value

The Get Field Value tool gets the value of the first row of a table for the specified field.

Merge Branch

The Merge Branch tool merges two or more logical branches into a single output.

Parse Path

The Parse Path tool parses the input into its file, path, name, or extension. The output can be used as in-line variables in the output name of other tools.

Select Data

The Select Data tool selects data in a parent data element such as a folder, geodatabase, feature dataset, or coverage.


For the set of input values, iteration will stop if all the input values meet the specified conditon of either True or False. It is functionally similar to While iterator but is useful to stop a model if there is one While iterator in a model and no additional iterators can be added.

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