An overview of the ModelBuilder toolbox

The ModelBuilder toolbox provides a varied collection of tools that support building models and are intended for use only in ModelBuilder and not in Python scripting.

The ModelBuilder toolbox is not a toolbox on disk like other toolboxes. The toolbox and its tools do not appear in the Catalog, ArcToolbox, or Search window. The only way you can gain access to the tools within the ModelBuilder toolbox is from the Insert menu in the ModelBuilder window.

Prior to version 10, the Calculate Value, Merge Branch, and Select Data tools resided in the Data Management toolbox, General toolset. They can still be accessed here. Copies of these three tools are also in the ModelBuilder toolbox.

In ModelBuilder, you can iterate the entire model or just an individual process using Iterators. Besides iterators, ModelBuilder has a set of supporting tools called Model Only tools.




The Iterator toolset has twelve iterators that help repeat a process or set of processes on a set of inputs.

Model Only tools

The Model Only toolset contains tools that are only used in ModelBuilder. Some of the tools are used to control the flow of processing while others are simple support utilities.

Toolsets in the ModelBuilder toolbox