Creating sources and sinks

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

  1. Click the Editor menu on the Editor toolbar and click Start Editing.
  2. Click the Attributes button Attributes on the Editor toolbar.
  3. Click the Edit tool Edit Tool on the Editor toolbar.
  4. Click the feature that you want to set as a source or sink.

    This feature must belong to one of the feature classes that you specified as containing sources and sinks when you built your network.

  5. Click the cell next to the AncillaryRole property in the Attributes window.
  6. Click Source or Sink to designate this feature as a source or sink (you can undo this later by clicking None in this list).
  7. Click the Editor menu on the Editor toolbar and click Stop Editing.
  8. Click Yes to save your changes.
  9. NoteNote:
    You can use the versioning features of ArcGIS to create different versions of your network. Each version of the database that you create maintains its own set of information for your geometric network including the network connectivity, the enabled or disabled state of features, sources and sinks, and flow direction.

    Learn more about versioning

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