Displaying flow direction

Network flow direction specifies the direction in which commodity flows through the network. ArcGIS stores this information for edge features in a network. Using the Utility Network Analyst toolbar, you can display the flow direction for edges, and you can display which edges have determinate flow direction, indeterminate flow direction, or uninitialized flow.

Learn more about flow direction

  1. On the Utility Network Analyst toolbar, click Flow > Display Arrows For and check the layers for which you want to display flow direction.
  2. Click Properties.
  3. Click the Arrow Properties tab.
  4. Click a flow category in the list and click the button to specify the size and color of the flow direction arrows.
  5. Click the Scale tab and specify the scales at which you want to display the flow direction arrows.
    • To show the arrows at all scales, click Show arrows at all scales.
    • To only show the arrows within a scale range, click Don't show arrows when zoomed and type the scale range limits in the text boxes.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click Flow > Display Arrows.

The arrows symbolizing the flow direction are displayed.

To remove the flow direction arrows, click Flow > Display Arrows.

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