Resolving synchronization conflicts manually

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

If you synchronize or import changes using a manual reconcile policy on a two-way or one-way replica, your replica may have conflicts. You can use the Replica Manager utility to see if a conflict has occurred. While the conflict exists, you can synchronize to get changes, but you cannot send changes.


These steps are also outlined in the replica log. To get to the replica log, right-click the replica in the Replica Manager and choose View log. Then right-click the most recent entry with a result labeled "conflict" and right-click to view the report with the following steps.

  1. If the Distributed Geodatabase toolbar is not already open, click Customize on the main menu, point to Toolbars, and click Distributed Geodatabase.
  2. Click the Manage Replicas button on the Distributed Geodatabases toolbar to open the Replica Manager and display the properties for your replica.
  3. Click the General tab and note the names of the Version being replicated and the Version receiving changes. This is the replica version and synchronization version, respectively.
  4. Close the Properties dialog box and change to the synchronization version on the workspace.
  5. Start an edit session for the replicated data.

    See Starting an edit session for more information.

  6. Reconcile with the replica version.
  7. Once all conflicts are resolved, post the changes with the replica version.

    See Posting changes for more information.

    It is recommended that you perform the reconcile and post while logged in as the owner of the replica or ArcSDE admininistrator. By default, the synchronization version is private and can only be accessed by the replica owner. If you make this version public, you can reconcile and save changes as a user other than the replica owner. However, you must post the changes while logged in as the replica owner.

The replica is no longer in conflict. To continue using the replica in the same ArcGIS session, change back to the replica version on the workspace and use the Replica Manager to refresh the replicas.

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