Posting changes

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

Once you have reconciled and reviewed any conflicts, you can post the changes to an ancestor version.


Other users reading the target version to which you have posted do not see the results of the post until they refresh their versioned workspaces.

The post operation can only complete if the target version has not been modified since the reconcile operation was completed. If the target version has been modified in the interim, you will have to reconcile again before posting.

The post operation cannot be undone, since you are applying changes to a version you are not currently editing.

After posting, you may continue to make more edits in your edit session. To apply these changes to the target version, you must perform the reconciliation, conflict resolution, and posting processes again.

  1. If the Versioning toolbar is not already open, click Customize on the main menu, point to Toolbars, and click Versioning.

    You may have to scroll down the list of toolbars to see the Versioning toolbar option.

  2. Click the Post button on the Versioning toolbar.

If posting marks the end of your project or your part of the workflow, you can delete the version you have been editing. You can delete a version provided all its child versions are first deleted and if you are the owner of the version.

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