A quick tour of reconciling a version

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

Once you have finished editing a version, you can merge the changes into any version that is the ancestor of that version, such as the parent or DEFAULT version.

To merge the changes, you must reconcile, resolve any conflicts, and post. This topic discusses the first step in this process: reconciling.

Since you started working on your version, the target version may have been changed by other users in a way that conflicts with your edits. The reconciling process looks for such conflicts. Conflicts occur in these circumstances:

When you reconcile, the version you are editing is updated with changes from the target version. You may notice features changing as insertions, updates, and deletions of any feature or record from the target version are applied to your edit session.

If there are conflicts, ArcGIS initially resolves them in favor of either the version you are editing or the target version representation, depending on your preference. Once conflicts are initially resolved, you can review them one at a time and, if necessary, make any changes. For example, if a conflict is resolved in favor of the edit version, you can choose to replace it in favor of the target version or even use the editing tools to modify it in another way.


Reconciling only updates the edit version so that ArcGIS can check for conflicts; it does not merge changes into the target version. Once you finish reconciling and reviewing any conflicts, you complete the merging process by posting your changes to the target version.


To be able to reconcile, the following must be true:

The reconcile process

The reconcile process is launched from the Versioning toolbar. When the Reconcile dialog box opens, you must provide the following information:


You cannot use the Undo operation to undo a reconcile operation. Any time you try to undo a reconcile operation, you will get an error message because Undo is not a supported operation. To undo a reconcile, you must exit your edit session without saving changes.

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