Creating donut and island parcels in the parcel fabric

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

When creating donut parcels that have interior island parcels instead of holes, the donut parcel is created first, and the hole is filled with the island parcel afterwards.

    To create donut and island parcels, follow these steps:
  1. In an edit session in ArcMap, create the parcel traverse of the outer ring of the donut or island parcel.
  2. If you are working in manual mode with fabric jobs, create the outer ring parcel traverse in an open fabric job.
    You can leave the parcel open or save it as unjoined so that it can be reopened for continued work at a later stage.
  3. With the outer ring parcel traverse open, click any of the parcel corner points to add it as the From point of the part connection line in the next line of the traverse grid under the Lines tab of the Parcel Details dialog box.
  4. Type the bearing and distance of the part connection line in the Bearing and Distance fields of the parcel traverse grid.
  5. Set the line category to 7 Part Connection.
  6. NoteNote:

    Part connection lines are treated the same as boundary lines in the parcel fabric.

  7. Create the inner ring parcel traverse starting at the end point or To point of the part connection line.
  8. Create a donut parcel.
    Create a donut parcel.
    The inner ring parcel should also finish on the To point of the part connection line.

    To add another inner ring parcel, add another part connection line to any of the outer ring parcel corners and traverse in the next inner ring parcel.

  9. Once you are finished entering both the outer and inner rings, click the Keep changes to parcel data and Join command on the Parcel Details dialog box to save and join your parcel.
  10. You can also click the Keep changes to parcel data command to save your parcel as unjoined.
    The parcel is saved as a donut parcel with an empty hole for the inner ring parcel.
  11. To add inner ring or island parcels to fill in the donut holes, create a new parcel and turn on digitize mode by right-clicking using the Construction tool and clicking Digitize mode. Click the inner ring parcel points to Digitize in the inner ring or island parcel. Save and join.
  12. When joining the inner ring parcel, the parcel will be placed exactly as digitized. Click the Create join link using drag box around a fabric point and a join point tool on the Join Parcel dialog box and drag a box around each inner ring parcel point to complete the join.