Editing the parcel fabric directly in automatic mode

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

In ArcGIS Desktop 10, the parcel fabric can be edited directly in a standard edit session in ArcMap. Prior to ArcGIS Desktop 10, parcels in the parcel fabric needed to be extracted into parcel fabric jobs using the Modify command or the manual Create Job command.

To directly edit parcels in a standard edit session, the parcel fabric edit mode needs to be set to Automatic. This setting can be found on the Parcel Editor Options dialog box. You can open the dialog box by clicking the Parcel Editor arrow and clicking Options.

Setting the parcel fabric edit mode
Setting the parcel fabric edit mode

To open and edit a parcel in automatic mode, start an edit session in ArcMap and make sure the Parcel Editor toolbar is loaded. Click the Select Parcel Features tool Select Parcel Features on the Parcel Editor toolbar and either right-click the parcel and click Open or double-click the parcel to open it.

The selected parcel is opened and displayed as active for editing, and all other parcels are dimmed.

Directly editing a parcel
Opening a parcel in automatic edit mode


If you have overlapping parcels—for example, a parcel overlapping its subdivision block—selecting the single parcel will also result in its underlapping block being selected. You can deselect the underlapping parcel by clicking the List By Selection button located at the top of the Table Of Contents window.

List by selection
List By Selection button

In the Selected window, click a blue square to deselect its corresponding feature, in this case, the parcel subdivision block.

Deselect underlapping parcel
Deselect parcels using the List By Selection tool

In addition to opening a parcel for editing, you can do the following:

If you are using the automatic edit mode, job workflow commands, such as Modify and Finish job, will be unavailable. To turn on job workflow commands, click Manual on the Parcel Editor Options dialog box.

Job book

When editing parcels directly in a standard edit session (automatic), the parcel data is extracted into job XML streams in memory in the background. These XML streams are saved as mini jobs and are visible on the Job Book dialog box. However, you cannot reopen these mini jobs. You can pan and zoom to the parcels edited in them.

Jobs created in automatic edit mode
Jobs created in automatic edit mode

To reopen jobs in Job Book, you need to switch to manual edit mode to enable the job workflow functionality.

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