Digitizing construction lines

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

You can digitize straight lines in a freehand approach in the parcel construction environment. As each line is added, dimensions computed from the line geometry are populated in the parcel construction line grid.

    To digitize parcel construction lines, follow these steps:
  1. In an edit session in ArcMap, click the Parcel Editor arrow on the Parcel Editor toolbar and click Plan Directory to open the Plan Directory dialog box.
  2. If you're working in manual mode using fabric jobs, open the Plan Directory dialog box in an open fabric job.
  3. On the Plan Directory dialog box, right-click the plan in which you want to digitize construction lines and click Construction.
  4. The Parcel Details dialog box becomes visible, with the Construction grid active.
    If you are working with parcels in a local coordinate system, the data frame switches to a local data frame.

    If you are not working with plans, right-click the system default plan named <map>.


    If you are working in manual mode using fabric jobs, you can right-click the plan listed in the Parcel Explorer window, if the plan is part of the open job.

  5. To begin digitizing construction lines, right-click using the Construction tool Construction located on the Parcel Details dialog box and click Digitize Mode.
  6. Click on the map or local data frame to add your first construction point.
  7. TipTip:

    When digitizing lines, if the lines are not visible and only the points are visible, make sure to set line templates in the construction grid.


    To save your construction lines, click the Keep changes to parcel data command Job Save on the Parcel Details dialog box. The construction lines are saved as an unjoined construction and can be reopened from the Parcel Explorer window.