Displaying parcel history in the parcel fabric layer

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

The History tab on the parcel fabric Layer Properties dialog box lets you display parcel history in the fabric layer. On the History tab, you can choose to either display all parcels in the layer, or display parcels by legal or system date.

Parcel history tab
Displaying parcel history

To display parcel line history, you can either use definition queries on the lines layer to display parcel lines by date or Historic value or you can create a feature template for a historic line.

In the graphic below, both definition queries achieve the same goal, which is to display only current parcel lines. The first query displays only those lines that have no system end date and the second query displays only those lines with a History attribute field value of 0 (false). You can use other definition queries to display lines by legal date, date ranges, and so on.

Definition query on lines
Definition query to display current, non-historic parcel lines

Instead of hiding historic lines from the map display, you can define a historic line subtype and display parcel lines by their line type. For example, subdivision line, boundary line, historic line and so on.

Historic line subtype

In the Lines attribute table, if the Historic attribute field value is 1 (true) then you can set the subtype to a historic line.

    To display parcel history using the History tab:
  1. Right-click the parcel fabric group layer in the Table of Contents window in ArcMap and click Properties.
  2. On the Layer Properties dialog box, click the History tab.
  3. To show all parcels both current and historic, leave the default Show all parcels option checked.
  4. To show a view of current parcels, click the Show a view of the fabric parcels option and select one of the following options:
    that have no system end-date (active parcels):

    Shows all active, current parcels

    that had no system end-date on:

    Shows parcels that were current on the system end-date you specify (that is, they had no system end-date on the date you specified)

    that had no legal end-date on:

    Shows parcels that were current on the legal end-date you specify (that is, they had no legal end-date on the date you specified)

  5. TipTip:

    To display parcels that were current in a system or legal date range, specify a definition query on the parcels layer that queries the system and legal start/end dates.

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