Plans and the survey record

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

The parcel fabric organizes parcel data based on the form in which the data was originally recorded. In most cases, parcel data is recorded on plans, or records of survey. Plans/Plats, or records of survey, are legal documents used by surveyors and engineers to describe and map the findings of their fieldwork. In addition to a drawing of the survey measurements, plans contain other information such as the following:

A parcel in the parcel fabric can be associated with one plan or record of survey. Parcels are usually entered into the parcel fabric directly from subdivision plans or digital submissions of plans.

Plans are the transactional model in the parcel fabric; parcel entry and editing are based on submitted plans. Parcels are created and edited in response to changes in the legal record. Changes in the legal record are typically reflected in the submission of a new plan or record of survey.

Subdivision plat

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