Working with the plan directory

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

The Plan Directory dialog box stores and displays a list of plans/plats or records of surveys existing on the parcel fabric. A plan, plat, or record of survey is the legal document that defines and describes the parcel. Surveyors and engineers record and describe their fieldwork on a plan, plat, or record of survey. For example, once the survey of a subdivision is complete, the survey is recorded on a plan, plat, or record of survey for registration. In the parcel fabric, parcels should ideally match their definition (dimensions, area) on the plan, plat, or record of survey.

In the fabric, parcels can be grouped by their plan, plat, or record of survey. Plan information is stored in the Fabric_Plans table. Each parcel has a PlanID attribute field containing the ID of the plan in the plans table. Plan information can be migrated into the parcel fabric or created during editing.

A new plan can be created directly in the Plan directory by clicking the Create Plan command.

A new parcel is created in a plan or can be created in a system default <map> plan if you do not want to work with plans. New parcels are created from parcel traverse, construction, split, division, merge, and so on. When creating a new parcel, a plan is selected from the Plan Directory.

In the Plan Directory dialog box, you can display plans by a date range, an attribute query, or the current map extent or search for plans.

Plan directory