Placing unplaced annotation features

Labels that could not be placed on the map become unplaced annotation features when you convert labels to annotation. In addition, any features that could not be displayed when you use Annotate Selected Features are also unplaced annotation. The unplaced annotation features are listed in the Unplaced Annotation window so you can interactively review and add them to the map. Once the annotation is placed on the map, you can edit and reposition the feature.

The following keyboard shortcuts are available with the Unplaced Annotation window.

Keyboard shortcut

Editing function


Place selected annotation


Pan to selected annotation


Zoom to selected annotation

Unplaced Annotation dialog box keyboard shortcuts
  1. Click the Editor menu on the Editor toolbar, point to Editing Windows, then click Unplaced Annotation.
  2. In the Unplaced Annotation window, click the Show drop-down arrow and choose the annotation feature class with the unplaced annotation.
  3. Click Search Now to list the unplaced annotation.
  4. Each time you save your edits (Editor > Save Edits) during an edit session, the contents of the Unplaced Annotation window are cleared. You need to click Search Now to populate the list again. Doing this ensures that the window always shows the most up-to-date unplaced annotation features for your geodatabase.
  5. By default, unplaced annotation is not displayed on the map. To draw the unplaced annotation, check the Draw box.
  6. If you want to work with annotation within a particular extent only, zoom to the extent, check the Visible Extent box, then click Search Now to update the list.
  7. Double-click the text in the list to flash the location of the unplaced annotation.
  8. To zoom in to the area of any unplaced annotation, right-click text in the list and click Zoom to Annotation or Zoom to Feature.
  9. To place annotation on the map, right-click text in the list and click Place Annotation.
  10. After you have placed an annotation feature on your map, the feature is selected. Use the Edit Annotation tool to drag the annotation to where you want to place it.

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