Editing the attributes of related features

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

You can use the Attributes window to edit the attributes of related features or records in a stand-alone table.

  1. Click the Edit tool Edit Tool on the Editor toolbar.
  2. Click the origin feature to select it.
  3. Click the Attributes button Attributes on the Editor toolbar.
  4. Click the origin feature in the Attributes window.
  5. Double-click the origin and related features or tables to expand their nodes. (These procedures also work for relationships with stand-alone, nonspatial tables.)
  6. If the related feature's layer or table is not currently in the map, the icon next to it is displayed in gray. If you want to add the layer or table to ArcMap, right-click the entry for the related feature or table and click Add to Map. When the layer or table is in the map, its icon is colored.
  7. Right-click the related item to open a menu.
    • Click Copy Attributes to copy the attributes.
    • Click Paste Attributes to paste the attributes.
    • Click Select to select the feature, or click Unselect to deselect it if it is already selected.
    • Click Remove From Relationship to delete the relationship between the related feature and the origin. This only removes the relationship; it does not actually delete the feature from its table.

      If you want to remove all related features from the relationship, right-click the related layer's node and click Remove All.

    • Click Delete to delete the actual feature from the attribute table.
    • Click Open Attribute Table (opens the table and shows all records) or click Open Table Showing Selection (opens the table to the view showing only selected records) to view the attribute table of the related feature.
    • Click Layer Properties to open the Layer Properties dialog box.
  8. To update any attribute values, type them in the grid while the related feature is selected.

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