Editing Bézier curves

Bézier curves are smooth linear transitions between two vertices. The shape of the curve is defined by the locations of the vertices and additional control points at the end of blue Bézier handles that radiate from each vertex.

The elements of Bézier curves
  1. Click the Edit tool Edit Tool on the Editor toolbar and double-click the feature you want to edit.
  2. Click and drag a Bézier handle control point to change the shape and height of the curve. As you rest over the control point, the pointer changes to the Bézier handle control point pointer Bézier handle control point pointer.
  3. If you rest your pointer on a Bézier handle control point from a vertex shared by two adjacent Bézier curves, holding down CTRL will only modify one of the curves when you move the handle.
  4. If you have a vertex and a Bézier handle control point under the Edit tool pointer when you click and drag, the vertex will be moved. Hold down CTRL if you want to move the Bézier control point instead.
  5. Right-click anywhere on the map and click Finish Sketch.

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