Creating an ellipse feature

The Ellipse tool is used to create ellipse features.

The following keyboard shortcuts are available with the Ellipse tool:

Keyboard shortcut

Editing function


By default, the Ellipse tool creates ellipses outward from a center point. Use TAB to draw the ellipse from an endpoint instead. This enters a mode where all the ellipses will be drawn from an endpoint. Press TAB again to exit this mode and create ellipses from a center point.


Enter x,y coordinates for the center (or end) point of the radius


Specify an angle direction after you set the first point


Enter a major or minor radius


Make a circle instead of an ellipse

Ellipse tool keyboard shortcuts
  1. These steps can be used to create lines or polygons:
    • To create lines, click a line feature template in the Create Features window.
    • To create polygons, click a polygon feature template in the Create Features window.
  2. Click the Ellipse construction tool Ellipse on the Create Features window.
  3. Click to place the center of the ellipse, then drag.
  4. Click to set the major or minor radius, then drag.
  5. You can also right-click or use keyboard shortcuts to enter x,y coordinates, set a direction angle, choose whether the ellipse is constructed from the center or an endpoint, or enter a major or minor radius. The radius is given in map units by default, but you can give the value in other units by specifying a distance units abbreviation with the value that you enter.
  6. Click once to finish the ellipse.

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